Howdy! My name is Eleanor and I’m 39. In my former life, before children (!), I was a primary school teacher teaching both KS1 and 2. I’m now mum to Ava – 6, Gabriella – 4, Conall – 3 and baby Orla born November 2012. Conall was born on Boxing Day 2009 at 27 weeks and 2 days gestation, weighing a tiny 2lb 1oz. You can read his 4 part story beginning here. Orla is our ‘rainbow baby’ born after a molar pregnancy.

We live in a Lincolnshire village – we moved in July 2012 and we now have a lovely big garden with the beginnings of a sizeable vegetable plot. I’m also hoping to get chickens this year. I would love a couple of runner ducks and also dream of a pair of pygmy goats but that might be pushing it!

Young Pygmy goat in ZOO Dvůr Králové, Czech Re...

Young Pygmy goat in ZOO Dvůr Králové, Czech Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







In recent years I have lived in Wales, Spain and Gloucestershire but it is nice to back to where my roots are!

This is my first blog and it is about my life in general, memories (both old and making new ones) and also the activities myself and the children get up to.


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