What a night’mare’ – “Sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste” ~William Shakespeare

Ahh, the above quote is so, so true in my garden. We moved in just over a year ago and really the gardening so far has been trying (and pretty much failing miserably) to keep on top of the weeds.

It is a lovely, large garden, mostly laid to lawn but there is a fair-sized vegetable patch on one side and two borders on the other running parallel to each other the length of the garden. The borders have mainly green shrubs but there are some cottage garden flowers too.

However, the weeds have taken over. They have emerged swiftly, advancing upon the weaker species, trampling and choking, engulfing and suffocating, tangling and twisting. It is a sorry sight. The chief warrior seems to be Mare’s-tail – an aggressive, mighty beast with no morals and no heart. All attempts to rid the garden kingdom of this brute have been to no avail!

We have researched how to kill the mare’s-tail and have painted on industrial strength weed-killer which is slowly having some effect but the fact that the roots can run several metres under ground and that it can suddenly appear overnight means it is going to be a very lengthy process, taking a good few years I should think.


The other weeds are slightly easier to take care of – time permitting. It’s a job I dislike though. I have visions of it all being like next door’s. Our neighbours have got an immaculate garden – a pristine, perfectly flat, manicured lawn and beautiful flower beds full of vibrant colours. They moan about the time it takes them and often say they would gladly concrete it all over but I think you have to secretly love gardening to get one to that standard so I don’t believe a word of it! They must look after the fence in despair at our weedfest and I know they have had Mare’s-Tail creeping through into their garden!

Oh well, we will get there in the end no doubt with a little bit of perseverance, dedication and hard work!

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