We have chickens -Introducing Lily and Pearl!

2013-06-29 11.39.37

Nearly a year after moving into our forever house (has it really been a year already? How time flies) we have finally acquired chickens! We have kept chickens, along with a cockerel, before when we lived down in Lydney in Gloucestershire – we inherited them with the house we were renting and trying to buy. So although we are not experts we are by no means novices. We’ve only got the two for now but we are getting an egg a day which have lovely rich golden yolks. I think they are Orpington chickens but I’m not sure.

Ava has named them Lily and Pearl. They are very tame especially Lily, the brown one. Once we let them out of their coop in the morning, they are able to roam around the garden.  Lily waddle runs up the garden to greet me  hoping for a tasty titbit, with Pearl following not far behind! Bananas and raisins are their favourite treat of the moment! They will both eat out of your hand and I think Lily wants to take up residence in the house as she keeps trying to come in the back door!

My friend was telling me that she started off with just two chickens in her garden and now she has 16! I don’t think I’ll go quite that far but I am now tempted to get maybe 2 or 3 more!

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