Beach on a tray – messy, gloopy play!

Edspire  Messy Play


So here is my version of a beach on a tuff-spot which a few bloggers have done recently! I made the sea (well, more a pond) by mushing jelly onto a sheet of tin foil. I only had strawberry jelly in the house so I thought if I added enough blue food colouring it would change the colour to the blue of the sea but, obviously really, it ended up purple – however as this is a MM post purple is more apt I think! I’d placed some small rubbery fish, starfish and other sea creatures  in to the jelly mixture so these glistened like treasures through the jelly just waiting for little fingers to delve into the cool, mushy mixture and extract them!

2013-05-02 09.19.46  2013-05-02 09.21.32


I then used porridge oats, crushed Weetabix and crushed bran flakes (which Gabriella enjoyed helping with!) to make the sand. I added some pasta shells for, yes you’ve guessed it, shells. We then collected pebbles and small rocks from the garden and arranged them around the tuff spot. Gabriella fetched some grass to make sea weed!

Of course, we had to have Conall’s soldiers as the people on the beach and some horses arrived for the day out too!

2013-05-02 09.20.13    2013-05-02 09.22.44  2013-05-02 09.19.59


To start with they were playing happily using their imagination in role play with the people and animals. The soldiers were climbing the rocks, swimming with the fish and then trying to catch them for supper! The horses were jumping over the rocks and eating the seaweed! This soon morphed into true messy play when the jelly got mixed in with the cereals and Gabriella fetched some water from the fountain. Gloopy, icky-sticky, glutinous mush! Mush that was smeared into hair! Under fingernails! Across cheeks! In ears!  I took a deep breath, smiled and in keeping with my new ‘embracing messy play approach’ I left them to it and then once they had grown bored, calmly  ran a bath and put the clothes straight in the wash!



And I’d just like to share this photo I took on our day trip to Wollaton Hall yesterday (which I’m going to blog about too I think). The gardens were a burst of colour with all the flowers in full bloom and Gabriella immediately ran to the pink and purple bed – quite fitting I think!

Pink and Purple!

Pink and Purple!

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