Raised salt painting art – a bit hit and miss!

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while as we actually did it a few weeks ago now. To honest I was quite disappointed with the end result but the process was interesting and fun and that is just as important as the finished product, sometimes more so! I came across the idea on One Perfect Day blog.

We used a large tray with the sheet of paper on top this to catch any spillage and any excess salt.

G and C started off by squirting large swirls and whirls and patterns of glue all over a sheet of paper – we used a bottle of PVA glue with a pouring spout on the end so it was quite easy for them to control and handle – obviously the marks made could be endless – it could be used for letter and number formation too.


The next step was to sprinkle salt over the glue – I had bought a cheap tub of table salt, again with a pouring spout. This was quite fun – “It’s like sprinkling snow” cried Gabriella. I then shook off the excess salt.



Now, this is the bit that didn’t work so well. I used food colouring with a little bit of water in it and I was waiting in anticipation when Gabriella¬†dropped the first bit of colour onto her salty glue. I expected the colour to magically swim along the line of glue and for it to become a burst of colour. in reality, it splodged on top of the glue salt and spread not very far!


1369052548473 1369052577316 1369052641297


This could be because the food colouring mix was too runny or maybe I needed to wait until the mixture had dried more. I also think using black sugar paper would have been more effective in showing up the colours. The texture and 3D effect was quite interesting and the children had fun doing this so even though it wasn’t quite as I expected it was still worthwhile!

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4 thoughts on “Raised salt painting art – a bit hit and miss!

  1. Ooh, I’ve not seen this before! It does look fun, even if the end result is not so fab. And now I’ve read that you weren’t impressed with the food colouring bit, I’ll have low expectations there! We’re currently housebound with my baby boy’s chicken pox, so this will now be 3yo’s morning fun – she’ll love it! And I’ll find some coloured paper, thanks to your tip. Thank you!

  2. We did it! She loved it, and we did it on green card, with quite thick food colouring, thanks to your tips! Pinned it on my Pinterest now, too, so we will revisit again…!

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